A Beginner’s Guide to Las Vegas

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If you’ve never been to Sin City before, then let me tell you – you’re in for a ride. There are countless attractions, entertainments, hotels, restaurants, chapels, and other aspects of this gambling city, and there’s nowhere better for someone who gets a kick out of slapping down the cash and rolling the bones.

Of course, where you find yourself will often depend on what you’re into when you’ve got time off. If you love getting home from work and using your weekend to get stuck into a few Party Poker tournaments, then the casinos on the Strip will serve your needs very well!

If you’re not the gambling sort, then don’t worry! There are a lot of shows on at all times of the day, and if you’re into comedy, magic, Cirque de Soleil or anything that’s extravagant and spectacular, you’re unlikely to find a better hot spot for these sorts of performances. Some of the best in the world have performed for long runs in Vegas – the aforementioned travelling circus, Elvis, Sinatra (and the rest of the Rat Pack), Blue Man Group, and many more.

But if all this sounds a little too much, then check out the hotels and the restaurants! Hotels in Vegas are notoriously cheap, and that’s not because the hotels are – it’s to give guests more spending money in Vegas – something many other cities would do well to copy! The food comes in classic American quantities, and the hotels are more than comfortable, so if you just want to catch up on sleep, go out to dinner in the evenings and stroll around the city, it’s not going to cost you a fortune for a suite! So get out there, and explore! Have fun!