Las Vegas Travel With Kids

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For most people, Travel to Las Vegas is often associated with Casinos and gambling. Therefore, while planning a family vacation, you would be inclined to feel that the destination may not hold anything special for children. But, when you do travel, you will be glad to find that Las Vegas travel for kids is an equally interesting choice. Over the years, Las Vegas has made conscious efforts to change its reputation as exclusive destination for gambling and casino lovers and make it into a family destination where everyone can come and enjoy. Here’s some of the things to do in Las Vegas with kids.

Bellagio figures first under the list of various fountains. These fountains are designed with the power equivalent to a rocket enabling water to rise to astronomical heights. The accompanying music is bound to attract the youngsters to travel to Las Vegas Nevada. What makes it even more attractive is the zero admittance fee, its totally free, which is a big hit with parents. Inside the fountain, the botanical garden is highly engaging for kids and always considerd a great attraction in Las Vegas for kids.

The Pirate Battle at Treasure Island is another attraction in Las Vegas for kids. Since the flow of tourists to this attraction is heavy, you would benefit by being there early. This show involves dance by pretty women and can be enjoyed along with your family. The event is free too.

The Fremont Street which is also known as the “Old strip” of Las Vegas was renovated for the sake of Tourism. A huge canopy spanning several blocks is the main attraction at this point. A light show involving lights on the canopy is organized regularly and is again free of cost to tourists. You will also see a number of spray pain artists displaying their skills to the applause of the crowds.

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