Las Vegas Fremont Street Experience

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Freemont Street is a five block pedestrian covered mall with kiosks, carts and a nightly light and sound show. It has become a major tourist attraction in downtown Las Vegas. The attraction is a barrel vault canopy of 90 feet above the ground and spans the length of five football fields which is an amazing wonder. The show begins by turning off the neon lights on all the buildings and then featuring more than 12 million LED modules and 555000 watt sound systems. To know more, read our original travel editorials.

Take an Amazing Walking Tour in Fremont Street Experience

Las Vegas has got nothing to loose and only to give fun, entertainment and unlimited surprises. Many people find a reason to drop by in this world famous, get away paradise, where all you would care to do is play poker, roam the streets in night and visit the Fremont Street.
Fremont Street is the house for the renowned Fremont Street Experience a.k.a., FSE. It is a pride possession of Las Vegas, which has a long and proud history to boast about. The place is extremely huge and occupies about seven blocks on the Fremont Street. The FSE is like a dream place, where you can find hotels, dining places, pedestrian shops, casino and free shows.
The Fremont Street is known to have rugged many ‘firsts’ under its name, like the first paved street, first traffic light and elevator at the Apache Hotel, first licensed gaming club (Northern Club) and many more. The FSE has increased the reputation of the street by five folds by featuring some of the major attractions like the Viva Fusion, Light and Sound Shows and of course the pedestrian mall.

There are two stages, which conduct several shows, including band concerts, ballets and even saxophone performances. Also, there are shows like the Lucky Vegas, which give the visitors an insight of some Vegas big shots and American Freedom, a praise of the United States. Even when there are no stage shows in Las Vegas, people buzz in to shop from some the storefronts. Simply put, the FSE is a once in a lifetime experience indeed!

Enjoy the Fremont Street Experience Light and Sound Shows during Your Vegas Vacation

The Fremont Street Experience is a mall and attraction located in Downtown Las Vegas. The Fremont Street Experience occupies the 5 westernmost blocks of the Fremont Street. The Street is also well known as “Glitter Gulch”. The street hosts numerous events, performances and concerts. All the activities and events are free in the Fremont Street.
The Fremont Street Light and sound show was begun in the year 2004. The show is famous and reached peaks of the technological wonders. After the sun sets the visitors can enjoy the 1.25 million synchronized LED modules which provides high resolution images.

Fremont Street Experience General Information

Location and Parking of Fremont Street

Viva Vision of Fremont Street

The Light and Sound show will be from 8.30pm to midnight. There is no restrictions and reservation required. The show is offered with glittering lights, stunning visuals and sound effects. The Canopy tower is above 90 feet from the ground. It was occupied with five football fields’ length. The light and sound show is one of the best and fantastic activities of the city. Visitors enjoy a colorful experience in the show and they feel comfort with the spacious parking area of 1,430.

The Fremont Street will experience a spectacular and computer generated light and sound show every night. The canopy of the Fremont Street is a fantastic wonder situated in the street of Las Vegas. The 2.1 million bulbs make the light and sound show an amazing one. Each bulb is equal to a single pixel of the television. The bulbs contain red, blue, green and clear lamps. The entire bulb display is capable to produce 65,536 color combinations.

The Fremont street light and sound show information

Description of Fremont Street

Never Miss Famous Fremont Street – Experience the “Old Vegas”

Fremont Street is the second famous street in Las Vegas. The Fremont Street is home to many casinos. The street is located in Downtown casino Corridor. Downtown Las Vegas is home to train depot, movie theaters, restaurants, hotels, gambling, stores, and the most Fremont Street. As Fremont Street is one of the must see location of Las Vegas you can find numerous hotels around the street for the tourist accommodation.
The famous and most visited casinos in the Fremont Street are Binion’s Horseshoe, Eldorado Club, Fremont Hotel and Casino, Golden Gate hotel and casino, Golden Nugget, the Mint and the Pioneer club. The street has a nick name as Glitter Gulch. Most of the television shows and movies were shot in the Fremont Street to display the lights of Las Vegas.

Fremont Street in Downtown, Las Vegas

History of Fremont Street, Las Vegas

Fremont East Street Las Vegas

The three block section of the Fremont Street was founded in the year 2007 as Fremont East district. The Fremont East district is the area where you can find a wide variety of entertainment offered by the bars and clubs. There are so many things to do in Fremont Street. The street hosts thousands of free concerts, and special events every month. The special events will be hosted in the first and third street of the Fremont Street.
The other most favorite event is the light show. The Street features retail carts, free mall entertainment, and a kind of viva vision light and sound shows. The light show will be hosted daily and the admission is free. The hours of the light show are 7.30pm, 8pm, 9pm, 10pm, 11pm and also at midnight. There are street entertainers who entertain the people gathered in the Fremont Street. The street entertainers perform through out the day and even in the night.

Fremont Street light show information

Cheap hotels near Fremont Street

Visitors Guide to Fremont Street Experience – A Must See Attraction in Las Vegas

Fremont Street is located in Downtown, Las Vegas. The Fremont Street Experience features a 1500 foot canopy which displays the light and sound shows everyday evening.

The Fremont Street Experience is located in:
425 Fremont Street
Las Vegas
NV 89101.

The Fremont Street is not featured with many attractions. The Fremont Street Experience hosts the most fabulous light and sound show which is known as Viva Vision. The show is presented with numerous themes. The Viva Vision is hosted everyday from Dusk to midnight. This is the show which no one will miss as the admission for the show is free.

Fremont Street Experience getting in

Visitor’s guide for Fremont Street Experience

Attractions around Fremont Street Experience

The Canopy of the Fremont Street Experience is with $87 million light and 550,000watt sound. The canopy is located 90 feet above the Fremont Street. The Canopy produces millions of color combination video feeds and animation. The Fremont Street is located in between Las Vegas Boulevard and Main Street. The Fremont Street is also well known as “Glitter Gulch”.

The Fremont Street is located close to numerous restaurants, hotels, casinos and loose shots. The Fremont Street hosts special events, free performances and street performers entertain the millions of visitors. The casinos around the Fremont street experience are Binion’s gambling hall and hotel, California hotel casino, Fitz Casino and hotel Las Vegas, Fremont Hotel and casino and many more.
The Fremont Street is a hub to casino lovers. They can find numerous gambling options around the street. The visitors feel like they are inside the world famous golden nugget casino. The Fremont Street is home to legendary casinos, and free entertainment activities. They provide the old fashioned gambling hospitality.

Fremont Street Experience events

Entertainment activities in Fremont Street Experience

How to have fun in the Freemont Street Experience in Las Vegas

The Freemont Street Experience is one of a kind in Las Vegas which all tourists will absolutely love. This place promises fun, excitement and a lot of new events which will you give you non stop thrill. The Freemont Street Experience guarantees a whole lot of events which tourists from all over the world gather to witness. In fact the place is quite well known for attracting huge masses of people. Book your Las Vegas Nevada Hotels soon and party it all night through in the Freemont Street.


There is a Viva Vision Canopy that provides non-stop thrusting music for all music fanatics. Spread across an area that boasts of around 12 million lights, here you will experience excellent music quality that sure to get your foot tapping. The LED screen experience is also pretty magnificent because its widescreen and rises to a great height and stretches across the whole area with beautiful lights. This place also includes the ten very important casinos of Las Vegas that you absolutely must visit for unlimited fun and enjoyment.


Check out the event calendar for Freemont Street Experience to know when the best events are and book your tickets accordingly.

Dining Experience

Once you have had your share of unlimited fun in Freemont Street Experience you can tuck into a delicious meal and enjoy yourself. There are many good dining places on offer which are a delight for food connoisseurs.

What are the most convenient hotels near Freemont Street Experience to see light show?

Hotels near Freemont Street are very important for people who visit Las Vegas as they are conveniently located downtown. They offer competitive rates and packages allowing you to explore gaming as well as spectacular views of the light show that takes place every hour until midnight.

The related link provides a comprehensive study of around 50 hotels located in Freemont Street. The hotels offer generous rates and good savings off on the rack rates. Booking of these hotels can be done online.
Which are the most convenient hotels near Freemont Street?

Some of the hotels featured as most convenient to see light shows are:
Four Queens hotel
Elcortez Hotel and Casino
Gold Spike Hotel and Casino
Golden Gate Hotel
Golden nugget Hotel and Casino
Best Western
Dessert Moon
Vegas Club hotel and Casino

Why do people find it convenient to stay in Freemont Street?

People prefer to stay in Freemont Street to experience the spectacular light show and viva vision canopy everyday. Featuring more than 12 million Led modules and 555-000 sound systems the light show attracts masses of people from around the globe. The viva vision is world’s largest screen and displays colorful, harp live videos that attract people.

The light shows been operational every hour from 6:00 am until midnight the people can enjoy night entertainment as well. It includes spectacular laser shows; theatrical shows live bands and artists. Glittering lights and stunning visual sound effects make the people flock on Freemont Street.

What’s the easiest way to get to Freemont Street Experience?

Freemont Street is a legendary and amusing attraction of Las Vegas located centrally and offering spectacular attractions.

Why do people go to Freemont Street?

Freemont Street Experience is the most beautiful and awe inspiring places of Las Vegas. A free lightshow operates daily in the viva vision screen, which is one of the biggest screens in the world. Many casinos, restaurants, free lightshows, and much other attraction are what it takes to make Freemont Street a legendary experience. An arched canopy of screens covers the Freemont screen, which is now a pedestrian free of traffic for several blocks. The canopy hovers over the street above the visitors and provides an incredible display of video synchronized to music.

How to reach Free Mont street experience?

Here are the routes and fares to reach Freemont Street. There are different ways to reach the Freemont Street. Take a deuce or a double-storied bus and do some sight seeing along the way. If you want to save time, you can take a cab and ask the driver to drop you at one of the casinos on Freemont Street. If you plan to drive yourself you can take the route from Las Vegas Boulevard. 2 miles north of Statosphere hotel and the other route is by 1-15 north and follow downtown Las Vegas.

The related link gives you a comprehensive map of Las Vegas explaining the Freemont Street and the related links in the website also provide information on different car rentals and there fares to reach the Freemont street.

What are the Attractions in Fremont Street Experience Las Vegas, CA

Fremont street experience is an event usually held every year in downtown Las Vegas. It’s usually an experience filled with adrenalin-rushing wonderment coupled with entertainment and much more to create a spectacular attraction. It’s a tribute to the year 1969.

The attractions in the Fremont street experience:

The kids can never have enough of a good time with all the various fun-filled activities in the Fremont street experience. The collection of fun which has been proved to thrill kids most in this event include the adventure canyon and adventuredome, which as the name suggests is a thrill-seeker venture. There is the famous salty aquarium at the Silverton, then the terrifying big shot, canyon blasters and desperado to name but a few. Another category is that one of free attraction which has fun-members like the fierce beast, sweet treats and raging battles among a host of others. And for lovers of antics and art there are lots of collection in the museum and art galleries which include the imperial palace and the Bellagio Gallery of fine art and the like. Others are thrill riding and recreation attraction offered at no charge, coupled with slight Las Vegas hotel rates increases.

Other details about the Fremont street experience:

Entrance to the occasion is usually free even though you can expect the Las Vegas hotel rates to go up because of the increased demand. With that the issue of reservation and payment option are rested. Other restrictions like age, weight, and height are never considered.