Las Vegas Zip Code

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The evolution of the Zip Code has an interesting anecdote behind it. The whole idea was conceived by Robert Moon, a postal worker who submitted his proposal in 1941. The proposal was accepted and it took about two years for a fully functional system to evolve. A more general version of the Zip code had to wait until 1960 and by 1963, the entire nation was covered by Zip code. Though ZIP code was initially introduced only in the U.S, it has found acceptance worldwide and several nations have evolved their own variants to facilitate quick and easy movement of mail.

The ZIP code system has now been perfected in several countries across the globe. Postal services world over has received the system with great appreciation because of its ability to sort mail quickly and efficiently. Each number in the ZIP code has specific attributes which makes it convenient for sorting and moving mail across the nation as well as outside to different countries.
Some of the advanced nations have further introduced sophistication into the system by adopting electronic means to sort the mail.

The Las Vegas ZIP code consists of five numbers just as in the case of other cities. This basic format has undergone various changes and presently ZIP code plus 4 digit numbers are used by the postal services. The Las Vegas ZIP code starts with 89101 and ends with 89199 and covers the entire Clark County, including all Las Vegas Hotels and Casino’s. The first digit represents the state of Nevada with the next two digits denoting the Las Vegas area where the mail reaches for sorting further. The last two digits point to the specific area within Las Vegas region where the mail is to be delivered.

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