Las Vegas History

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If you’re going to Las Vegas, it’s a good idea to get some knowledge of Las Vegas history. Las Vegas History dates back to more than two centuries. It has undergone several changes during this short period. During the 1800s Las Vegas was a part of Mexico and the “Mexican” tag remained up until 1877 when it was annexed to become a part of the United States of America.

Consequent to shedding the “Mexican” tag and becoming a full-fledged American county, Las Vegas began to prosper. The subsequent years witnessed hectic activity leading to all the opulence that one can see when travelling to Las Vegas today. During the same period the people of Las Vegas embraced Mormonism as their religion. Thus, it also marked a major turning point in Las Vegas History.
Despite this development, the Mormons could not hold on to Las Vegas for long and had to finally leave in 1857. The year 1911 had to be etched in Gold for Las Vegas because that is the year when it became a full-fledged American City.

Las Vegas history witnessed another major event in 1931 when gambling was legalized. This also signaled a spurt in the number of casino-hotels in the City. Once the Hoover Dam was constructed about 48 kms to the south east of the City in 1935, tourism grew manifold.

With the establishment of Nellis Air Force Base in subsequent years, there was an appreciable flow of military personnel into the city. The influx created a real estate boom which persists even today, save for the melt down effects.

Las Vegas History will not be complete without a mention of the massive and legalized gambling activity here. For the same reason it has also acquired the nickname “Sin City”, though most people would prefer to call it the “entertainment capital of the World”. Yet another section of people love Las Vegas to be known as “Capital of Second chances” and “Lost Wages”.

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