Why Las Vegas

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Las VegasThe fun never stops in Las Vegas and it’s known as the gambling capital of the world. It’s like an all-in-one party destination for all kinds of people, whether you’re drinker, dancer or a gambler. The gigantic world-wide famous hotels located on the Strip are a breathless experience for sure.

Why You Should Visit Las Vegas

Vegas without a doubt, is one of the most popular holiday destinations in the world. The hotels are always booked many months in advance and you’ll be amazed at how luxurious some of them are.

These aren’t just your average hotels, because inside you will find spectacular shows, casinos, poolside parties, city landmarks, buffets filled with huge choice and much more.

Hotels in Las Vegas are something that you have to experience yourself – the gondola ride at the Venetian, the pyramid of Luxor, rooftop rides at the Stratosphere hotel, dinner at the feet of Eiffel Tower in Paris, the dancing fountains at the Bellagio or go back in time and visit Caesar’s Palace. Best of all, you can simply walk into them for free and feel the atmosphere.

Take a flight to Las Vegas and you’ll arrive at McCarran International Airport Las Vegas (LAS), which is just 5 miles south of downtown Las Vegas. While hotels and luxury resorts are a sight not-to-miss in Vegas, be sure to check out Red Rock Canyon and Grand Canyon, which are only a couple of hours away from the city. Visit the Hoover Dam as well, which is pretty local too.

Which Hotel to Choose

vegas hotelsThe choice is definitely huge when it comes to Las Vegas Hotels, so essentially it all comes down to your budget. You can have anything you want, starting from budget hotels away from the Strip and all the way up to outrageous mansions at the heart of the city.

If you would prefer to stay in a regular 5-star hotel, then you can be assured that there are plenty of them available as well. However, most holidaymakers prefer to get the thrills from staying in the big themed hotels and you can’t blame them. New York-New York hotel has a roller coaster side, Circus Circus offers an amusement park and MGM Grand does all kinds of Vegas-style entertainment shows all the time.

Talking about entertainment, if that’s what you’re after, then you’ll be pleasantly surprised to see top acts, such as Cirque du Soleil, David Copperfield, Celine Dion and Elton John – all performing live in Vegas.

If you’re on a budget, then you can always choose to go for something cheaper, like motels or budget hotels, which are usually located off the Strip, and offer great value for money.

While choosing a hotel to stay in, keep in mind that the distance from Downtown Las Vegas to the end of the Strip is about an hour’s walk, so ideally you would want to get a hotel somewhere in the middle, meaning you would get the best of both worlds.

When booking Las Vegas hotels try to make reservations in advance, as you’ll get better deals and have more choice. Keep in mind the America’s social calendar, because during the prime holiday weekends, such as the Independence Day, college party season and Spring Break, the hotels get very busy and you’ll struggle to find a room for yourself.

Las Vegas Events

las vegas nascarIn Las Vegas, every day is an event, as parties and shows take place locally all the time, the calendar being packed through out the year.

NASCAR which happens in March is something to watch out for. Las Vegas Motor Speedway is where all the action happens, where the best drivers from the US compete to find out who deserves the top prize.

Spring Break is a nationwide holiday for college students in the US (March/April), so don’t be surprised to see revealing swimwear in pool parties, lots of drinking and booming night clubs.

Las Vegas is also the host of National Finals Rodeo (NFR), which is scheduled for December, so choose a horse and make your bets!

Don’t forget about other popular American holidays, like Memorial Day Weekend in May, Labor Day Weekend in September, as well as Thanksgiving in November, as during these times the hotels will be especially busy, so book in advance to avoid any trouble.