Las Vegas Weather

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Weather conditions of any tourist place is very important for visitors to prepare themselves for the trip. This is more so when the weather conditions of the proposed destination are quite different from the one at home. But, when Las Vegas is your destination, your concerns on weather conditions during your vacation are immediately extinguished. Las Vegas weather is very moderate with lot of sunshine and little rainfall throughout the year.

Las Vegas Weather is akin to the deserts with long, hot summer and brief, mild winter. The city has more than 300 sunshine days in a year. The period between June and September is very hot and considered to be summer at its peak. The average peak temperature during summer is 104 degrees F and the lowest night time temperature around 69 degrees F. Las Vegas Weather involves a very short winter. The maximum temperature during winter touches 60 degrees with the minimum around 40 degrees. However, the low humidity in Las Vegas weather pegged around 10% all through the year makes for a comfortable stay in Las Vegas.

Las Vegas weather condition owes its form much to its geographical placement. Situated in the midst of dry mountains, with the famous Spring Mountains on the western side, the city is 2030 feet above sea level and has a rocky and dusty landscape. Desert and wildlife vegetation forms most part of the surrounding terrain of Las Vegas. This has a salutary effect on the Las Vegas weather.
Thus, while you travel to Las Vegas, you may not need to pack any special type of clothing and accessories. Just travel light with the essentials and enjoy your trip.

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